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Noise reduction application

The carried out activities are in progress and the final goals are to replace the flocking technology with the new paint.

For this reason the stress is given to noise attenuation, one of the most important request by car makers.

The other stress are in testing and we are improving paint and moulding technologies, as we are confident in improving quality and saving costs.

Plastal target is to offer samples of a dashboard and door panels with ¿Fflic¿ paint to customers and to start business.

A complete report of the impact on health and tests routine was carried out.

We think to reach the result to start direct dialogues with the R&D departments of car makers, but other business field will follow.

Noise study involved the virtual impact of a knock in a cover of a glove-box and the influence of different technologies in noise attenuation: gas injection, variable thickness, temperature.

A patent (no 2807371) was carried out by Plastal in France.

Active noise control test are currently in progress and the aim is to obtain the paint layerable, to give a suitable noise attenuation.

Other studies were carried out on air-bags, to improve the comfort inside the cabin.
The main project results will be used and proposed to international car producers and designers for the direct use of the global noise reduction, above all regarding the internal car-cabin noise reduction, according to the progressive EU regulations on consumers health protection (in this case: hearing).

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