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Surface treatment of moulded plastic parts

The aim of this study was to optimise the acoustic response of the lid of the glove compartment located in the dashboard of the new car model in the event it is subjected to a ¿kick¿, i.e. e sudden blow. The impact simulates the kind of blow a passenger could accidentally deliver to the glove compartment mentioned above.

Quite a substantial acoustic output at a frequency estimated at 150MHz to 250MHz is produced thanks to a volume of air, acting as a sound box, between the lid and the glove compartment itself. Given that a passenger can only produce a relatively minor blow by accident (a modulus of 15N was taken for this impact) and that such events occur under normal conditions of temperature, humidity and pressure.

Furthermore the evaluation of the behaviour of this part (a door of a glove-box to be inserted in a car dashboard), with regard to its peculiar vibration modes and frequencies, under the hypothesis that it undergoes an impulsive knock was carried out. As example a similar knock it might be the one caused accidentally by the passenger.

This analysis took in account the use of three different constructive materials, which were characterized by three different elastic modulus values; these materials were de-signed to be applied in automotive parts.

For the glove box we had obtained the extension of a patent in France and in Spain.
We had studied the noise attenuation in flat panels made by tpo and pa 6 + 66 with different contents of filler an air bag was studied as well as the attenuation due to a foam.

The activity competences will be used for new planning and building glove boxes, door panels, dash boards in automotive branche, because different mould building and moulding technologies are known and available in Plastal.

The result will offer to the market not only an optimisation of product ratio costs/benefits, but also environmental benefits inside a car cabins improving the health safety during the drive.

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