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Moulding process control

Moulding process control was planned with the following targets that are currently in progress:
- CAD simulation and integration with moulding process;
- Remote control of the moulding in factory offices.

The results will be a new informatics network able to offer improved quality control and cost saving.

We have produced the first drafts for testing to support the moulding process control.

We have introduced a closed loop in molting press+mold+software the first results are ok as the new software is able to follow rheological changes of the polymers offering the opportunity to improve the use of recycled polymers.

The photoengraving study was started and also a comparison between nylon and polypropylene moulding process, including the start-up of the principal characteristic moulding measurements.

The results could be used by the main European car makers for the integration in the production process of a better moulding process control, above all regarding the internal pollution reduction, according to the progressive EU regulations on health protection. Also the possibility of the developments in replacing metal with plastics will be used as market strategy.

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