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A predictive method for modelling spray deposition

A numerical method based on Computational Fluid Dynamics has been set-up in order to predict spray deposition of paints. The method is based on the combination of a model for the impact of droplets onto a surface with a Lagrangian tracking of the spray. It has been developed by starting from experimental values of the flow field generated by a spray gun, but the use of CFD makes it possible to extrapolate the results to conditions for which experimental data are not available.

The method has been used so far to simulate the amount of overspray from standard paint guns and to predict the thickness of the deposited paint layer on different geometries. Some bad operating conditions of spray guns have been simulated as well, in order to verify the effect on the deposited paint layer.

The potential strategic use of computational fluid dynamics is focused on simulation and prediction of the distribution of sprayed paints to obtain more uniform deposition, required in higher quality coating.

The predictive method will be used for further developments of new standard spray guns and could be easily extended to newer electro-paint plants. The experience gained could be used both for activity of consultancy in the field of paint deposition and for new joint researches for industrial companies and academic institutions.

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