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Identification of genetic interactions between genes involved in the synthesis or actions of estrogens in human male infertility

We have analysed five genes (ESR1, ESR2, FSHR, CYP19A1 and NRIP1) in human male infertility under a multilocus approach.

We selected a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP marker) for each candidate gene.

The statistical analyses were carried out by using three different software: SUMSTAT, Permutation and Model Free analyses (PM) and Estimating haplotypes (EH) developed by Dr. Ott.

The results of the analyses revealed the polygenic nature of human male infertility, and the genetic interaction of these five genes in this phenotype.

A manual search for genotype combinations revealed two protective and a risk pattern for male infertility in our population.

This result has been recently published (galan et al., 2005).

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