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Cellular signalling and DNA repair proteins in regulation of tumour sensitivity to ionizing radiation and DNA damaging drugs

Impaired radiotherapy response in NSCLC is a clinical problem prohibiting proper tumour control. In the present subject matter the role of Insulin like growth factor 1 (IGF-1R) signalling on radiotherapy responses in non-small cell lung cancer cells are analyzed. Data are presented which show that pharmacological inhibition of IGF-1R signalling increases cell death responses in NSCLC cells through apoptotic cell death.

Thus in NSCLC cells IGF-1R signalling is activated in response to radiation through a mechanism involving both PI3K/Akt as well as p38 MAPK kinase signalling. A link between IGF-1R signalling and DNA repair function by KU86 is presented.

The invention comprises knowledge that growth factor signalling inhibition can be used as methods for sensitizing NSCLC to radiotherapy. Potential users of this knowledge are oncologists treating lung cancer patients, pharmaceutical industries developing DNA damaging sensitizing drugs and researchers which analyze mechanisms of radio resistance or that develop methods to detect resistance prior to therapy.

Reported by

Cancer Center Karolinska, Karolinska Institutet
CCK, Karolinska University Hospital, R8:00
17677 Stockholm
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