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Role of p63 in vivo

To elucidate the individual role of the TAp63a and Np63a isoforms in the development of the epidermis, we generated transgenic mice expressing either TAp63a or Np63a under the control of a keratinocyte specific promoter; we then crossed these mice into a p63-/- background. p63-/- die shortly after birth and among other things lack epidermis.

Our data obtained re-introducing the different isoforms show that:
- p63-/- epidermis showed very limited and partially differentiated epithelial areas;
- Np63a significantly increases the number of epidermal basal cells, thus allowing a higher degree of differentiation;
- TAp63a and Np63a have synergistic functions in the formation of the epidermis.

Altogether these data strongly suggest a role for Np63a, controlling the proliferation potential in epithelial cells, and are compatible with a role of TA in controlling further differentiation of these cells. In addition we have identified a number of molecular targets of p63 and defined their role in p63 signalling pathways.

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