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Phenotypic and genetic consequences of p53 family member overexpression

This work has examined genomic and phenotypic consequences of over expressing p53 family members in a number of cell types including TF-1, Saos2, and HeLa cells. Using microarray and QPCR technologies we have examined genetic consequence of over expression. Cluster analysis of genes induced by p53 but not p73 over a 24h time period identified 1145 genes that were regulated.

In contrast, cluster analysis of genes induced by p73 but not p53 over a 24h time period revealed that 175 genes were regulated, demonstrating the enhanced ability of p53 to regulate gene expression. We provide some literature surveys on some of the top regulated genes, which demonstrate an association with apoptosis.

In addition to the genomic consequences of over expressing p53 family members and using proprietary survival assays, the functional consequences were also examined. Contrary to expectations, we demonstrated that certain members of the p73 family were anti-apoptotic and protected cells from growth factor induced apoptosis.

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