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9 national reports: "national experiences with participatory planning (PP) processes" discussing the national PP experiences and traditions and the influence of institutional, legal and cultural

The purpose of this workpackage is to provide an overview of existing public participation (PP) knowledge and experience in the different countries involved within the HarmoniCOP programme, and to explore, where possible, their effects.
In order to establish such a foundation of knowledge for each country the research needs to be both contextual and historical.

Consequently the contents of WP4 explore specific influencing factors including institutional, legal, cultural, geographical and physical factors. This ultimately enables the individual countries to evaluate lessons learnt and develop practical criteria for evaluating participatory river basin management planning.

The final result has been the production of nine national reports for each respective country participating in the HarmoniCOP research project. The findings of the reports can feed directly to the development of the HarmoniCOP handbook. The information can also be used to inform the specific the individual national case studies.

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