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NEIMO model

The leakage models combined as NEIMO is a tool that provides exfiltration and infiltration data on a network scale using input data generally available to water authorities or accessible from public institutions. Individual exfiltration and infiltration models were based on the Darcy law on fluid flow through porous media.

NEIMO simulates defects, such as cracks and displaced joints, on each pipe asset in the network, the wastewater flow through the system, the position of groundwater relative to the pipe and determines the leakage from (exfiltration) or into (infiltration) for each asset. The size and distribution of defects are related directly or indirectly to CCTV damage inspection reports. The wastewater flow simulation is obtained from UVQ, which allows PLM to track the contaminant loads in the exfiltrating or infiltrating water. The output from NEIMO is passed for subsequent assessment by an unsaturated flow model, treating leakage as point sources of contamination.

Validation of the model has been challenging, especially as direct measurement of exfiltration is an inexact science. In view of the many assumptions made in model development and defect size estimation the uncertainty in the leakage computed is conservatively estimated at 50%.

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