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Socio-economic reports for the case studies

The AISUWRS Socio-Economic analysis reports detail the actual situation in the case study cities and may be used freely by the local stakeholders.

Stakeholders have different perspectives looking on the water system, and considering the impacts on the environment, the social situation, and the economy. In order to come to a practical assessment, a set of indicators has been developed and applied in the project. This socio-economic analysis does not intend to analyse all urban problems.

The analysis strictly centres around aspects under consideration within the AISUWRS approach (as e.g. leakage from urban waste water systems) and the models developed within the project. The analysis primarily considers the water system as a black box that interacts with the “Urban System”.

In this context the Urban System consists of water users (as e.g. private households and businesses), people with their way of life (e.g. consumption pattern), urban settlements, architectural constructions, traffic and businesses of different kinds that give employment and wealth to the population.

(Business is here defined as all kinds of activities and employments, regardless of private or public ownership, including: Farmers, Public services for swimming pools, beaches, sport arenas, parks & gardens, Public Administrations, Industries etc.).

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