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Working prototype of warning map service with software and operative manuals plus the database for two test sites

The warning map or updateable susceptibility map is the final product LEWIS project. It is a map highlighting of seven levels of warning. The warning map is based on the displacement information coming from the persistent scatterers (PS) detection and from the outcomes of the inference engine, incorporating and automating expert competences in recognizing areas of increasing landslide hazard. In addition to the moving PS, the levels of susceptibility highlighted in the susceptibility map result in a “warning” level when a negative slope instability impact from land use change occurs.

When a land use change occurs in an area with nonzero susceptibility, it provides a warning, represented by a “warning map”. This is the most relevant and useful result, since it highlights land use changes, which may lead to an increased landslide hazard. As such, it is of interest for deployment in land use planning and civil protection, and it may also interest private entities such as insurance or engineering consultancy services. This output is at present a working prototype, although it can be the object of further studies and improvements.

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