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Tri-axial versions of a low resolution and a high resolution optical accelerometer, based on Michelson interferometers (prototypes)

Two optical accelerometer types were designed, built and tested, both based on fiberized Michelson interferometers (MI). This number was dictated by the high resolution required, and also by the large dynamic range, which could not be met by one sensor type only.

The low resolution accelerometer mainly consists in a miniature fibre directional coupler which is mounted in a tubular housing. One fibre output has an angular endface as to avoid backreflections into the fibre. The fibre end is imaged via a ball lens onto a moving mirror, which is mounted on an elastic steel thin diaphragm. The mirror and diaphragm represent the (damped) mass-spring oscillator of the sensor.

The reflected beam from the mirror is launched back into the fibre directional coupler and interferes with the backreflected light from the home-made metal-coated endface of the second output fibre. It should be noted that the fibre ends of the directional coupler should were kept as short as possible not only because of miniaturisation but also because of avoiding polarisation induced fading of the interference signal.

The HR accelerometer has a (damped) mass-spring oscillator in which the spring consists of a pair of compliant cylinders mechanically stiffened by coiled optical fibres around its entire perimeter whereby the two fibre coils are the two arms of a fiberized MI, working in push-pull principle.

The two optical accelerometer types were multiplicated and a tri-axial combined optical accelerometer resulted.

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