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Selection and cloning of salt tolerant P. alba genotypes

On the basis of climatic conditions of native areas we selected three Populus alba genotypes from an ex situ Italian germplasm collection: 6K3 (North Italy, 400m above sea level, no salt and drought stress conditions), 14P11 (South Italy, about 20m from the coastline, drought stress with the probable occurrence of saline water intrusion) and 2AS11 (inland area of South Italy, 250m above sea level, drought intermediate conditions respect to the others two genotypes, no salt stress conditions). We set up a reproducible micropropagation protocol from node explants. MS medium added with 30g/l of sucrose and 7g/l of agar was used for multiplication, while for rooting macro and microelements were reduced to ½ MS with the exception of Na2EDTA and FeSO4-7H2O. Sucrose concentration was 10 g/l. At the beginning BAP concentration ranges from 0.1 (6K3) to 0.5mg/l (2AS11 and 14P11). Roots induction was obtained with an immersion in liquid IBA solution for 24 hours; rooting percentage was high (around100%). Acclimation period (1 month) were carried out in controlled ambient.Conserving Populus alba genetic resources to screen germplasm pool for selection and breeding strategy. Micropropagation protocol could help the exchange of genotypes between different research laboratories.

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DISAFRI - University of Tuscia
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