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Improved noiseless punching machine

The new prototype of punching machine developed within Noiseless will be less noise producing because of some modifications of the design and because of some extra equipment that will be integrated in the machine.

It is now hard to predict the acoustic level that will be reached with such prototype. Acoustic simulation is not performant enough to allow predicting the improvement in the sound level that could be achieved with all the modifications included. The limitations concerning power and natural frequency of inertial actuator has limited the performance of the active systems implemented in the prototype.

Nevertheless, some characteristic details of the future punching machine can be advanced at that point:
- It will equip linear motors for both axis X and Y. This will suppress the noise produced by the transmission, nowadays composed by rotary motor, belt, bearings and ballscrew. Even if this noise is not so harmful as the noise produced by the punching unit, it can be quite disturbing when the process includes fast movements.
- The current linear guides will be substituted by similar linear guides, but including caged balls, that are supposed to reduce the noise emission.
- It will equip active dampers to reduce the structural noise.
- It will use re-designed punches and stations that reduce noise emission.
- It will be able to work at different speeds of punching unit, and the speed will be controlled during the motion of the actuator. This will allow producing non-constant ramps that will reduce noise by saving time.

Apart of economical impact in the partners involved in the development of such machines, the potential impact is very important in terms of physic and psychic health of the workers.

The current state of development of the improvements described is the one carried out in the prototype of the machine, that is:
- The machine has an axis driven with a linear motor and guided by re-circulating caged balls. The measurement to be carried out will show the performance of such systems.
- The active mass damper of 900N has been installed and set-up. The presence of its first mode of vibration at 900Hz, that is, within the frequency range to be damped, has limited the effect of such strategy of the combination of the damper and the iterative learning controller (ILC).
- The machine works with newly developed tools and tools holders.
- The machine already can work at different constant speeds. It is not able to vary the speed during the stroke of the actuator. This means that the noise is reduced, as well as productivity.

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