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Improved noiseless press machine

At the beginning of the project, one press was selected as representative of the presses made by Fagor. Actually, the selected machine was ¿FAGOR¿ MODEL SE4-1250-5000-2300 single action for cutting and drawing sheet. The machine is available at Fagor workshop, because it is a testing press used to test and improve process and machine parameters, usually for specific customers¿ demands. This machine was also selected because of its actual location and its availability along the project. This way, it could be possible to check the improvements in a particular machine before and after the project.

Once the machine was selected and the acoustic and dynamic behaviour were measured in first steps of the project, some conclusions were drawn. Based on these conclusions, the optimisation strategy was defined. And along the project, the idea is to refit this press machine according to the defined optimisation options, applying active and passive control systems for airborne noise and for structure borne noise. This way, the result will be a noiseless press. But, more important than the modified press, Fagor will be able to design new presses with the new devices for active noise control, as well as with the best damping and absorbent materials for passive noise control. In fact, along the project noise sources and their transmission paths will be analysed and means for noise reduction will be studied and this knowledge will be used by Fagor in new press designs.

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