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Improved noiseless cutting tools (20% increase of tool life)

Our evaluations are based on the results of the tests carried out by Mondragon University during this year.

The tests have been made on three types of tools with the same dimensions ( 40x5 square tools, working with the appropriate 40x5 + 0,9-die and a 4-mm-sheet).

The only difference was represented by the type of sharpening: the first tool (tool H1) has a sharpening with only one inclination degree and direction; the secon tool (H3) is provided with a sharpening which creates a convex angle on the cutting surface, whereas in the third tool (H2) this angle is concave.

In our opinion, 1000-strokes-sessions are not sufficient to evaluate the increase of noise caused by the tool wear.

The tests show which tool is the noisiest (H1) and they also confirm that the punch with angles of inclination on the cutting surface is less resistant to the impact.

The phonometric results show that H1 has a gap of 4,4 decibel from H2 and of 5 decibel from H3, therefore is quite far from 80 decibel.

The other two solutions are far better, infact their results are much lower than the other one.

In our previous presentation we carried out a test on a tool with a double concave sharpening (therefore with more angles of inclination on the cutting surface); the results were extremely satisfying. In this case, the cutting session was quite "noise-free" and it didn't cause any relevant deformation of the metal sheet.

From the results we've noticed that the noise decreases of 0,8 decibel in H1 and H2 and of 0,2 decibel in H3. That can be explained by the fact that the cutting session occurs sharply and the sharpened tools produces a "dry" sound.

On the other side when the tool is no longer fully sharpened the metal sheet is more subject to be deformed.

As for the tool wear, we believe that 1000 strokes is a too short session as the cutting surface of the tool does not undergo any relevant wear.

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