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Hybrid piezo passive mass damper for noise reduction

The principle of the active mass damper is now well kwon. It has been successfully applied in the NOISELESS project to the structural noise control. Usual active mass dampers are electromagnetic ones, based on the moving coil (voice-coil) principle.

The main advantage is the very low resonance frequency of such device. Their problem is that they produce quite low force. The use of the piezoelectric actuators permits to generate higher force, but standard direct piezoelectric actuators lead to too stiff dampers with a too high resonance frequency. They cannot damp low frequency vibration and noise. The use of Amplified Piezoelectric actuators developed by Cedrat Technologies permits to have quite low resonant frequency proof-mass actuator with enough force to be useful in structural control.

But this active damper has a very high quality factor that impose to work at frequencies at least 2 times higher than the resonance frequency of the actuator in order to keep the control loop stable. The performances of the developed piezo active damper have been considerably improved by the addition of a passive damper in parallel with the piezo element. Then the quality factor of the active dampers is lower ant it can be used near its resonance frequency.

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