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Project ID: G1RD-CT-2002-00692
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-GROWTH
País: Spain

Design and casting of prototype pistons, cast in magnesium alloy

TARABUSI has designed a new piston in magnesium alloy, aimed at being assembled in a reciprocating compressor, to be applied in the braking system of commercial vehicles. The overall design made include cast and finished part, casting mould and machining tooling and devices. Piston prototypes made in magnesium alloy MRI 201s were produced with Keronite coating and with NCr PAPVD coating for a specific compressor used in air brake systems of commercial vehicles. These prototypes were tested in the compressor test bench of TARABUSI for the mentioned automotive application with promising results after more than 1000 hours of running test.

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