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Software and methods for operational/automatic geocoding Envisat ASAR, ERS and Radarsat modes

Norut IT has developed a set of methods and software for geocoding and calibration of data from satellite borne Synthetic Aperture Radars (SAR). The software is adapted to the Envisnow processing system, and works automatically for specified data from the Envisat ASAR, ERS-1 and ERS-2 and Radarsat instruments. The tools are mainly implemented in the program languages Envi/IDL under a common framework. Parts of the system has been separated as pre-compiled c-routines. The output is a geocoded and calibrated SAR image on a selected projection.

The system is based on using SAR data as input. In addition the system requires input from a digital elevation model of the area covered by the SAR image.

The methods are in it selves generic, and adaptable for several existing and future SAR sensors, as well as for different geographical regions. Today, the system has been limited to certain geographical regions (mountainous parts of Southern Norway), and to certain sensors, and sensor modes (ERS, Envisat and Radarsat). It is, however, relatively easy to extend the system to other regions and other sensors.

NORUT IT intends to exploit the geocoding software in future applications and for commercial applications. A continuous development of the software, adapting to new SAR instruments and new locations are foreseen.

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