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The EnviSnow system prototype, including production line, production storage and Web visualizing

Norut IT and Norsk Regnesentral have developed the EnviSnow system prototype, which make it possible for the users to utilize snow/soil parameter algorithms to retrieve snow and soil parameters from EO data (SAR and optical satellite data).

The project partners operate the system during the project lifetime, and it will be used during the demonstration of the project results. But the system (or at least parts of the system) will also be useful for the partners after the end of the project.

After the end of the project the EnviSnow system will be used by:
- End Users (like NVE) to generate products used in hydrological models
- Research Institutes (like Norut IT) in their daily research activities

The system is based upon the Linux operating system and OGC standards. Parts of the system have been separated as pre-compiled java-routines.

Norut IT intends to exploit the Envisnow system (or at least parts of it) in future applications and for commercial applications.

The main components developed are:
- Production line including all the processing algorithms in the project (based on ENVI)
- Production storage including databases and catalogue service (based on GIN)
- Web visualizing

Production line:
The framework (based on ENVI) is intended for automatic processing of remote sensing and in situ datasets for the extraction of snow related parameters. A simple controller controls the production line where one dataset is processed at the time, running the process through the necessary steps. In addition to the actual processing line, ENVI functionality is made available through the ENVI menu.

The framework is flexible in that it puts few restrictions on the application developers, and makes it possible to plug in new methods and data formats without having to change the framework.

It offers support for putting processed products into the Production storage. Remote: This processing mode is intended for the daily production of data. The data provider sends an email to the system when new data are ready for download. These data are then automatically downloaded (FTP) and processed. Local: This processing mode is intended for reproducing results from locally stored data, e.g., when an algorithm has been improved. A list of local datasets is then processed.

Production storage:
The Catalog and Storage Service required by the EnviSnow system, is based on the GIN (Geographic Information Network) software developed at Norut IT. The GIN software is the result of R&D work at Norut IT during the last couple of years. It has now reached a sufficient level of maturity and stability to be useful for other research projects like EnviSnow. At the same time experience gained in EnviSnow will influence further evolution of GIN.

In order for the user to save a product in the EnviSnow database, metadata always have to be filled in. The system will not allow a product to be saved in the database without metadata. The project has defined some common attributes for all data sets (metadata).

In addition a GIN-based Web Map Service (WMS) is developed.

Web visualizing:
The results will be made available as files for visualising in a web-based simple viewer. A simple WMS client is developed, that make selected data in the Production Storage available to public users as simple images (shape files).

The results from the hydrological models (HBV) is also saved and viewed in the same way as the other geographical results in the EnviSnow system.

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