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Stability data on nitrofurans in solution, tissue and upon cooking

Validation of analytical methods according to Commission Decision 2002/657/EC requires an assessment of the stability of the analyte(s) in solution and in samples. A study was undertaken to investigate these parameters, along with stability following cooking, for the acid-hydrolysable moieties derived from the tissue-bound metabolites of the nitrofuran drugs.

This study showed that all of the nitrofuran metabolites are extremely stable. Solutions of the nitrofurans, either as stock solutions or as working standards, were all stable for at least 8 months and residues in frozen (-20°C) were similarly stable. Losses of the nitrofuran metabolites following a range of cooking treatments were low.

Once this information is in the public domain, following publication of a refereed scientific publication (in preparation), this will facilitate residues analysts achieving validation of their analytical methods according to the provisions of this Decision. The result, concerning the stability of these residues following cooking, may facilitate risk assessment/management decisions when non-compliant residues are found in food of animal origin. The result is for information of scientists / regulators. It has no intrinsic commercial value and will not be the subject of any further commercial exploitation.

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