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A flexible training intervention for the management of occupational stress and violence in mental health services

The training intervention which was devised during the project has now been evaluated and modified. It has been given the name "Managing Stress and Violence at Work - A Training Manual and CD-rom for Mental Health Services".

The final training package comprises of a printed manual and a CD-rom. The manual has an introduction to the training intervention and information for the trainers, which is the theoretical basis of the training. The CD-rom contains the training intervention itself with detailed instructions for delivering the training and all the resources necessary.

The training is organized as a 4 day package, the first 2 concentrating on stress management and the last 2 on risk and violence. These 4 days can either be run consecutively or as 2 or 1 day training sessions.

We plan to publish the training manual in the course of 2006. We are in contact with a potential publisher.

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