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Communication in chronic diseases: The example of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Communication and information have become crucial in everyday life and even more among doctors and patients, particularly when they deal with chronic non fatal disease like Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn�s Disease.

In order to improve communication and to set standards for good information to patients we studied the cohort of 1580 pts with Inflammatory Bowel Disease put together since 1990 by the EC-IBD Study Group. Within a larger survey of the ten years follow up of these patients, performed through a questionnaire and aimed to analyze disease outcome and costs, cancer risk, quality of life, pregnancy and fertility, genetics and other items, we introduced a short (10 questions) questionnaire developed together with the Department of Social Communication of the University of Bologna in order to find out from whom the patients actually get their information about disease, their degree of satisfaction, which media are more suitable to disseminate information, how the new computer technology is widespread and used among patients and lastly which are the most interesting topics in patients� view. The elaboration of the data offer an interesting picture of the attitude of chronic patients towards medical information that can be a starting point for a communication plan.

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