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Genetic linkage map of Fagus sylvatica

We built the first linkage map for beech (Fagus sylvatica). Based on a total of 312 markers (28 RAPDs, 274 AFLPs, 10 SSRs) scored in 143 individuals from a F1 full-sib family. Two maps (one for each parent) were constructed according to a “two-way pseudo-testcross” mapping strategy. In the male map 119 markers could be clustered in 11 major groups (971 cM), while in the female map 132 markers were distributed in 12 major linkage groups (844 cM). In addition, four and one minor linkage groups (doublets and triplets) were obtained for the male and female map respectively. The two maps cover about 82% and 78% of the genome. Based on the position of 15 AFLP and 2 SSR loci segregating in both parents, seven homologous linkage groups could be identified.

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Universita di Parma
Parco Area delle Scienze 33/A
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