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Georobot monitoring automatic system (software)

Georobot is an innovation of the traditional surveying instruments and methods. A main frame of the landslides monitoring software system based on Georobot is designed. A special method which can effectively improve the monitoring precision of the system is applied in the software data processing. The whole Georobot landslides monitoring system is consist of base station (Georobot station), reference points, target points, computer and software. The communication between Georobot and computer is by radio or cable interfaced via GeoCOM command. The aim of the software is focusing on: Automatic measuring according to measurement schedule, Artificial intellectual function to deal with bad environment, Special data processing method to realize high precision, Manipulation of huge quantity of raw measurements, Rich format of out put data, Auto-alarming for danger, Friend interface for easy operation. The software done in VB environment mainly comprises the following functional modules: project managing, system initializing, learning measure, data querying, data processing and results outputting. The Georobot landslides monitoring system has several advantages, such as, high efficiency, high automation, real-time, high precision etc.

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