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Improving research activities and know-how of the laboratory of Geodesy on deformation monitoring and landslide detection systems, leading to the creation of relevant software by PhD student

One of the most important fields of activity of the Laboratory of Geodesy and Geomatics, Aristotle University of Thessalonica, is Engineering Surveying. A major part of research and research projects is dedicated to the measurement, monitoring, evaluation, estimation and presentation of possible deformations of structures (buildings, bridges, dams etc.) and ground movements that are caused either by landslides (as in the case of the OASYS project) or geotectonic activity. In order to support the abilities of the Laboratory in this field, a robotic Total Station was used for the measurement of the control network at the Greek test site "Prinotopa" and special software was designed and applied for the collection, statistical evaluation, and adjustment of observations, deformation estimation and preparation of relevant databases. The SYSDeform software was developed by a PhD student with the support of the academic staff of the Laboratory. This software has been used for OASYS computations and is now at beta-testing procedures. It has different modules (measurement, adjustment of geodetic networks, deformation of structures, tunnels and ground etc.).

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