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Implementation of a geodetic and geotechnical monitoring network at the Greek test site and periodic (manual) data collection.

The Greek test site "Prinotopa" was selected for monitoring because of its importance to the Egnatia Odos S.A. as an end-user in this project. The monitoring network was designed on the basis of the available geological data.

The geodetic monitoring network implemented at Prinotopa site consists of twenty (20) monitoring points and three (3)control points. Four (4) GPS campaigns have been carried out so far as well as six (6) motorized total station measurements.
These measurements are to be used for the testing and validation of an automatic geodetic monitoring system.
The geotechnical monitoring network consists of forty three (43) inclinometers, twenty seven (27) piezometers and a rain gauge that were gradually installed over the period 2002-2004. These are manually measured every 2 months.
The results of monitoring are to be used in conjunction with the geodetic results in the integrated automatic monitoring system.
All these data have been made available to the research partners in the project.

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