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Advanced GIS-based landslide susceptibility assessment

In practice, i.e. for tasks in land development and spatial planning, information on the landslide susceptibility is needed for large areas. Therefore the focus in OASYS was on the regional assessment of the landslide susceptibility. These premises in scale and level of detail required an assessment approach that is independent from detailed local data, like detailed terrain data or hydrological models. Therefore a statistical approach was applied, taking into account a variety of factors contributing to landslides that can be applied in small-scale investigations. In particular slopes where no information is available on past landslides should be assessed. The landslide susceptibility could be quantified by the derived probabilities. It was possible to identify those from the available factors, which have the highest relative importance as landslide indicators. The model therefore provides information about causative relations in the system of slope stability and instability in its spatial scope.

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