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Sample collection and testing

Various samples were collected by several partners (KEMA, Fibreforce, Hebo, Plasticon), in various (large) forms: production waste (spray over, pultrusion profiles, cut outs from spray up products, SMC overcuts) and end of life waste (a end of life wind turbine blade). The material consists of several resin types (polyester, vinylester) and several reinforcement fibre materials (glass (1,4 - 1,8Euro/kg), Carbon (23 - 90Euro/kg).

The variation in the samples that have been collected is regarded to be sufficient to give insight in the behaviour of different waste products when recycled.

Materials collected:
FRP end of life wind turbine blade at KEMA, FRP from automotive industry (FRP production waste of ECRC)

Plasticon production waste, winding cut-outs, Fibreforce production was pultrusion profiles, ZPT production waste.

ICRI collected polyester/glass samples from ZPT.

ICRI did preliminary laboratory testing on waste products of different physical and chemical characteristics following a analytical procedure which enable us to determine the physical and chemical composition of waste material.

Evaluations have been made about the pollution in the material and amount of waste.

The main barriers to the uptake of recycling are lack of market for waste material and poor industry acceptance.

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