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Specification for size reduction, detection and re-activation

Economics of alternative recycling routes recycling routes have been calculated. It is aimed at to keep the cost for react below 182 Euro / ton (excluding the substitute materials value).
- Foreseen applications: technical, economical evaluations have been made for several applications for the recyclate (SMC/BMC), in thermoplastics, in pressed sandwich plates, polyester concrete, and cement route.

- Technical specifications: The new shredder, which has to be developed during WP 3 and 4, will be optimised with expertise of the collected production waste and different shredder techniques. The aim will be to achieve matrixfractures in stead of fibre fractures.

- Capacity specifications: The capacity of the shredding machine is maximum 400kg/hour.

- Dust explosion measures: ATEX 137 and ATEX 95 will be taken into account by developing the new shredder machine.

- Technical specifications for separation: Resin and fibres, various fibre length fractions, and metal insert removal.

Further there was looked at various glass content fractions:
- Technical specifications for detection: Adapt the existing electronic nose device for very low levels of VOC (<1ppm).

Develop calibration models in order to detect and differentiate shredded material types, Detect adverse conditions (health & safety, explosion/fire hazard).

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