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Auto-compensating tool-system for rendering of functional surfaces

The auto-compensating tool-system, which has now been patented, enables the rendering of functional surfaces with different prescriptions of surface micro-geometries (smg¿s). Typically, the tool-system can be programmed to create smg-depths of between 0.5-30 microns, smg-densities of between 5-50%, in required patterns and orientations, the last two parameters refer to particular applications in which the pattern and orientation of the smg has an influence on performance.

The early indications are that each application of smg¿s would require a different prescription; this implies either that exact simulation techniques or experimental validation trails would have to be conducted to establish the optimal prescription.

The auto-compensating tool-system may be re-configured to match particular application requirements ¿ for instance, the accuracy of the rendering may require the incorporation of precise components and the rendering of extrusion billets would have to be incorporated in a lathe to operate in parallel with the finishing tool.
The patent holders will consider either licensing or outright purchase of the system.

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