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Piezo impact microforming (PIM) tool system

The PIM is an incremental metal forming tool system; it may be regarded as a semi-static system operating in the range of 5~50Hz; this is several orders lower than the UIM tool system. The vibration of the tool is effected by the Amplified Stacked Ceramic Multi-layer Actuator (ASCMA), which is energised using a specially designed generator. This actuator, which is attached to the head of the forming machine, drives the forming tool. The piezo-stack may be operated without excitation

This can vibrate with the frequency (5~50Hz) or the stack can be operated to provide forming tool displacement. The maximum (free) stroke of the ASMCA is 0.5 mm, while the maximum (blocking) force is approximately 400N. However, it should be noted that when the forming tool is loaded with a specific process force, the working stroke would be smaller than the free stroke. For special applications, a Stacked Ceramic Multi-layer Actuator may be used to provide greater working forces at lower working strokes.
Preliminary experiments using this tool system have demonstrated that the PIM would be effective for manufacturing of indentations of prescribed distributions on the surfaces of bulk components.

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