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Optimized Poa pratensis transformation system for the manipulation of gene expression, used successfully with apomictic germplasm

A major objective of WP6 is to deliver novel germplasm of Poa pratensis expressing newly identified candidate genes derived in WP1. Using methodology developed in Year 1, a number of different P.pratensis germplasm provided by partner 3 were screened for responsiveness in tissue culture. Stable transformants of P.pratensis have been generated, using germplasm A24 and test constructs expressing uidA, and the presence of the introduced transgenes confirmed in T0 transformants. To complement transformation of apomictic P.pratensis, a number of different sexual P. pratensis were tested for responsiveness to tissue culture; in all germplasm screened responsivenes of sexual P.pratensis was low and stable transformation could not be detected.

The most consistently responsive sexual germplasm identified were derivatives of the S3 line. Transition to reproductive growth appears to be strongly inhibited in P.pratensis that has undergone regeneration through tissue culture. Plants will continue to be examined for flowering after vernalisation treatments in subsequent years as part of the continued analysis of this material after the end of ApoTool.

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Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences
United Kingdom