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Project ID: HPRI-CT-2001-50037
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-HUMAN POTENTIAL
País: Greece

Device to measure the pulse duration in the UV

FORTH has proceeded with the evaluation and set-up of second and third order background free autocorrelator units as sampling autocorrelators with high dynamic range for the UV fs excimer amplified pulses in collaboration with TUC in Chania. A streak camera time profiling with ps resolution of the amplified pulse has been carried out.

In the first year of the project we proceeded on the construction and testing of a non-collinear VUV third harmonic generation in noble gasses Michelson interferometer. The setup is a general-purpose unit consisting of a two arm Michelson the output of which is passed through a noble gas cell for the generation of the third harmonic and its detection as a function of the relative delay of the two beams.

Additionally a similar Michelson interferometer was built in combination with static NO cell detector. The two-photon ionization of NO from 248nm radiation provides the second order autocorrelation measurement of the UV beam as a function of the delay of the two beams.

The two autocorrelators have been assembled and tested. The 3rd order autocorrelator with the fundamental of an amplified Ti:Sa system and the 2nd order autocorrelator with a subpsec KrF system.

The autocorrelators will be adapted to the operational parameters of a Xe based excimer in collaboration with the TUC partner, once available.

The contrast of the amplification process has been further studied and quantified by ps streak camera work with the amplified pulse.

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