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HP NIS Résumé de rapport

Project ID: HPRI-CT-2001-50021
Financé au titre de: FP5-HUMAN POTENTIAL
Pays: Germany

World record for H- ion current extracted from uncesiated RF source

Increased Pulse Power at DESY. With a new collar design it was possible to increase the current from 40mA to 54mA. With an extraction opening 6.5 mm in diameter, the achieved current density is 163 mA/cm2. This is a new international record for an uncesiated H- source. It is the result of test series with different cone, cylinder and cone cylinder set up used on the DESY RF-Volume Ion Source (J. Peters et al.).

In parallel, an increase in H production was expected with graphite walls. A test with the DESY collar was prepared and the cone part has been made bias able in order to change the bombarding energy. Finally, no improvement was found compared to the steel version of this collar (J. Peters et al.).

Increased Pulse Length of the DESY Source to 3 ms. Moreover, it was important to show that the physics of the H- source also work for long pulses. The DESY transmitter is limited in his power. The usual repetition of 6 Hz for a 100µsec pulse was changed to 0.6Hz for a longer pulse. This way it was possible to demonstrate a pulse of 1ms with a current of 35mA at the beginning and 30mA at the end (30.11.06). It was necessary to use a new gas valve bias system.

These tests were made with a more powerful transmitter, which was sent to DESY by a collaboration of SNS and FNAL. The tests were continued and it was possible to reach a 3 ms pulse (20.12.05).

This is the longest and highest H- pulse which was produced until now with an uncesiated system. The current is more than 40mA at the beginning and about 30mA at the end. The H- drop is due to the decrease of HV and RF Power to the end of the pulse.

It was also the highest current and the longest Hminus pulse of any volume source.
In addition it is the first demonstration of such a long and high pulse in a volume source with an external antenna. (J. Peters et al.).

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