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ASIARESIST Berichtzusammenfassung

Project ID: ICA4-CT-2001-10028
Gefördert unter: FP5-INCO 2
Land: Italy

Web based interface for data collection and for remote querying

The project web site has been structured into two parts: one part open to general public and one part whose access have been restricted to partners only during the project. After the publication of the results of the project some parts of the restricted area site will be open to scientific community to share our project experience. A further site has been added in the last year of the project to announce to all interested people the Thailand Workshop.

The project WEB site ( was developed in the first months of the project and after partners' comments and revision, the first release was put on the DIST server in April 2002 but it has been constantly updated during the project life.
The present version of the public web site contains the following sections:
- Home page: information about the EU contract, program and project period;
- Background: general description of the background of the project;
- Objectives: description of project objectives;
- Outputs: description of project outputs;
- Activities: description of project activities;
- Work plan: description project work plan with direct links to two more pages, WP Time table and DB download;
- Partners: description of the project consortium, logo, name and address of each partner, with links to each partner specific www address.
Two pages are connected to this page:
- Partner Photo Gallery: photo gallery of pictures taken at project meetings;
- Farm Photo Gallery: photo gallery of pictures taken at some of the farm sites from where samples have been collected;
- Symposia: collection of info relating to conferences in the field
- Publications: page dealing with the publications within the project
- Workshop: page dealing with the final workshop announcement, linked to the specific workshop web site (described below). From this page it is possible to download the workshop proceedings.

A restricted access project WEB site was designed and put on the DIST server (address It was aimed for restricted internal discussions between partners, and it contains 9 pages structured in the same way as the public part. The main pages are:
- Home page
- Meetings: a list of the project meetings
- DOCs: document download page
- Forum: bulletin board for electronic discussion among partners
- Data Base Login: access page to the database described in another section of TIP.

The main section of this part is the discussion forum. From the Forum main page the user can have two possibilities: to join a conversation already started or to start a new conversation by clicking on the 'new thread' button. There is also the possibility to add a file from its own PC that will be added to the message and sent to the Forum hosting server by clicking on the 'post' button. Many threads and messages indicate the wide use of Forum in this project.

A web site open to public and linked to the project public web site through its page 'workshop' was constructed specifically for the final project workshop dissemination (
It consists of 13 pages, specifically:
- Home page: information about the ASIARESIST project;
- Topics: list of topics considered in the workshop;
- Committee: list of members of the workshop scientific committee;
- Registration: workshop registration fee and modalities for the registration on-line;
- Contact: main contact for additional information about the workshop;
- Accommodation: information and link to the hotel of the workshop;
- Thailand: info about the country
- Chiang Mai: info about the workshop venue
- Map: info about the workshop venue
- Deadlines: info about the registration and paper submission deadlines
- Paper submission: author instruction and modalities for on line paper submission;
- Workshop programme: info about the workshop programme
- Workshop output: download page for Workshop Presentations

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