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Haptic human system interfaces

The developed haptic displays cover a large range of possible applications. The ViSHaRD10 is a hyper-redundant haptic display that offers a large workspace, high dexterity and high payload. The Multilevel Haptic Display renders surfaces at high fidelity. Tactile displays like the Shear Force Display or the Pin Actuator Display extend the current technology by providing new stimuli and new actuator technologies. The Rheological Device deploys a completely new technique to haptically stimulate the whole hand. The Haptic Texture and Pattern Demonstrator renders environments like textures and rigid patterns. Additionally, we developed sensors and actuators for tactile flow and for the use in fMRI applications. A modular concept of the developed systems was realized, resulting in the Combined Kinesthetic Tactile Display and in the Multimodal High Fidelity Display.

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