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Spatial presence and ego-motion measurement methodologies

In order to establish the design parameters that lead to good spatial presence and ego-motion sensations the POEMS project has aimed at developing multilevel methods to quantify spatial presence and vection consistently and reliably. These methods combine classical questionnaire-based techniques (i.e., subjective measures) with psychophysical as well as physiological measures (such as GSR) and behavioural measures (such as speeded pointing and forward drift while running in place). The methods are thoroughly described in the deliverables D2.2 - D.6.2 (see list in this result’s document description). The current general understanding, which has emerged only in recent years, is that presence is best measured through a multilevel approach combining different types of measures, so in this respect POEMS has been on the forefront of research.

Also, investigations on corroborating presence sensations with more objective vection measures, examined e.g. in our D4.3, is something which is timely and of great interest to presence research. The multilevel approach as with the inclusion of several modalities however comes with the cost of increased complexity, both technologically and methodologically. It is possible that focusing on one type of measure would have given more clear cut results; yet it is possible that it is only through multilevel measures with which one can take a significant leap forward in the understanding of the perception of mediated environments. Our recommendation is rather to expand the currently proposed measures to include even more aspects; physiological measures of e.g. nystagmus and the psychophysical multimodal nulling paradigm seems to be promising candidates for measures of vection.

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