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Multimodal demonstrator

At the PRESENCE 2005 conference in London, we presented a portable version of our prototype demonstrator, which is the focus of this result. This demonstrator consists of a frame which holds a standard TFT screen, a rubber-suspended base plate with two shakers attached and headphone-based sound. The purpose of the frame is to mask the edges of the screen and to increase immersion. Different masks can be applied to adjust visual FOV. Furthermore, speed wind is simulated by the demonstrator by two ventilators located below the screen. These ventilators may be controlled by any audio signal. For simple demonstrations, one can e.g. control the speed wind by the same audio track as is presented via the headphones.

This demonstrator displays the main principles of POEMS and illustrates the fundamental ideas gathered from the different experiments in order to come up with a technical design of a lean, perceptually oriented ego-motion simulator. The demonstrator itself is based on the experimental outcome of the whole project as well as technical investigations and truly represent POEMS original intentions: It is small and transportable (it actually fits in a suitcase), it uses low-cost, off-the-shelf components, has no moving potentially dangerous parts and uses simple but perceptually efficient cues to induce self-motion and presence.

In addition, guidelines and ideas on how to extend this prototype and how adapt it to different applications is given in the related documents (primarily those listed as deliverables). Furthermore, larger-scale, non-portable simulators exist at both partners' labs, which can demonstrate the full range of experiments conducted within the POEMS project.

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