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Pocket PC recording system

Modern technology makes it possible to record electronic data during claw trimming. Using this technology it is possible to link the data on claw health with basic cow data such as registration number, date of birth, pedigree and milk yield data and then integrate the new data.

The recording of claw health is achieved using a hand held “pocket” PC. Software, developed as part of the Framework 5 LAMECOW project, allows the pocket PC to be used independently when hoof trimming is in progress to record claw condition, lesions, disease and treatments administered.

The programme is designed to take the user through a logical sequence of data recording.

Firstly, it allows recording of farm data such as housing, herd size.

The second stage is to call up individual cow data, already in memory from a previous visit or, for new cows, entered on site.

The third stage is the recording of the cleanliness of each animal and an assessment of its lameness in one of three categories, sound, slightly lame or lame. The next stage is to select the foot to be examined.

A diagnosis is then made of the lesion(s)/disease(s) observed and this is can be recorded on a diagram of the foot showing the medial and lateral claws, each divided into 6 zones, and the interdigital cleft. A total of 17 different claw conditions can be recorded.

The farmer can be given a printed version of the diagnoses made for each cow during the trimming session. The pocket PC can subsequently be linked via the internet to download animal biodata and milk production data from external data servers by FTP connection or an MSN link. In this mode the biodata for cows already stored on the “pocket” PC can be automatically updated each time the system is linked to the appropriate external data server via the internet.

Alternatively the claw heath data recorded on the “pocket” PC can be downloaded to a suitable server where for it can be analysed in conjunction with other animal biodata and performance records. We have created a recording programme that is easily transported and simple to use.

If linked to a central server, farmers could have the opportunity to access the data on each of his animals. In addition, the “pocket” PC has the potential to be a powerful research tool for the collection of data at different geographical locations and subsequent transmission to a central server for data analysis.

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