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High resolution maps of 3B and 5A QTL from CM-82036

Based on previous knowledge the aim was to identify DNA markers closely linked to two important Fusarium head blight resistance genes derived from the spring wheat line CM-82036. We developed two high resolution mapping populations of about 1000 F2 derived recombinant inbred lines. We selected recombinant lines for the putative QTL regions and analysed these in depth with molecular markers and for their Fusarium resistance traits in replicated field experiments.

The high-resolution mapping led to the identification of close SSR markers for Qfhs.ndsu-3BS: Barc133 and Barc147. Qfhs.ifa-5A resides in an area of reduced recombination around the centromere of chromosome 5A. This reduced recombination area on 5A is a general feature as it was also found in several independent F2 populations. At least 8 SSR markers were closely linked in this area and any of these may be used for breeding purposes. Genetic diversity analysis has given interesting insight in the relation between and among lines from different breeding programs and germplasm sources.

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