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QTL map for Arina/Riband

We have generated a double haploid population of 114 lines from a cross between the Fusarium head blight (FHB) resistant variety Arina and the FHB susceptible variety Riband. We have developed a genetic map for this cross using a combination of SSR and AFLP molecular markers. In collaboration with our partners in this project we have carried out a series of trials to determine the FHB resistance level of each line.

By combining the genetic information for each line, the distribution of markers across the genome (genetic map) and the disease scoring data we have established the location of the loci that contribute most to the difference in FHB resistance between Arina and Riband.

This information includes the identity of the molecular markers associated with each resistance locus. These markers can be used within plant breeding programmes to identify lines with high or low resistance to FHB. Using these markers should enable efficient selection of lines that carry significant FHB resistance.

At present, the identification of FHB resistance within breeding programmes is expensive and time consuming. The availability of molecular markers linked to the resistance loci should reduce the cost of producing FHB resistant varieties of wheat for cultivation in Europe.

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