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Trichothecene hypersensitive yeast strains (pdr5,10,15 ayt1 rps11) as host for cDNA libraries and strains for testing dependency on endogenous yeast stress response pathways

Trichothecene hypersensitive yeast strains were developed which have reduced drug efflux due to inactivation of ABC transporters(pdr5,10,15), a detoxification gene (acetyltransferase ayt1) and a ribosomal protein affecting translational fidelity (rpsX). These strains require far less expensive toxin for full growth inhibition and are suitable hosts for identification of heterologous cDNAs that confer increased toxin resistance in yeast.

The encoded gene products could act directly or by connecting with yeast stress pathways. To distinguish whether or not this is the case several yeast genes with an important and redundant role in stress resistance have been inactivated: pdr1 pdr3 (pleiotropic drug resistance genes), yeast AP1 like genes (implicated in toxin and oxidative stress responses (yap1 yap2), and the transcription factors msn2 msn4 (stress response element binding.

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