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Results of field experiments and tests in Sweden

Three phasor measurement units of ABB make, type RES 521 were installed in Sydkraft Öland’s network. All three terminals are commissioned in beginning of April 2003. In order for PMU to work it is necessary to get the GPS signal. Signal from at least four satellites are required in order to get proper PMU synchronisation. The PMU units itself were installed inside the substation control house.

After installation the three units have recorded phasor data time, stamped and synchronized from the three units throughout the summer season 2003, corresponding to the high load and disturbance season.

The recording has been analyzed for DG specifics and for load dynamics and will be mined for data in many future studies, due to the data uniqueness.

Some of the results are immediately applicable, particularly concerning the management of voltage in a network with high DG insertion, especially AVR (Automated Voltage Regulation) schemes.

The Swedish blackout, September 23, was captured by the recordings, which are included in the official disturbance report published by the Swedish National Grid Operator.

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