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Results of laboratory tests in France

The elementary Electric Power System cell chosen for the experiment is illustrative: electricity and information are distributed and coordinated by the agent called Smart Grid Automation Device (SGAD) or HTFD for the fault diagnosis application.

The measured communication streams underline the importance of the data flow rate for the message transmission. The exchanges between the PCs and the various parts of programs are done with interface files: easy re-use and interoperability. The programs may be applied with various kinds of Electric Power System topology and ICT structures.

The real time closed loop with Arene has been achieved, and tested with protection system based on automatic re-closing sequences. The application shows that the fault may be isolated correctly in less than one minute, even with low data flow rate. With a 100% cable installation a possible isolation of the faulty section may be achieved in less than 10s. These results reduce drastically the future interruption in the distribution EPS.

TCP/IP protocol is a right choice for a cheap future communication box adapted to real time EPS applications.

The experimentation shows the high interest of developing a set of communication boxes and programs in a modular way.

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