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Aluminium and silver paste using new glass frit and binder

EC2CONTACT achieved a significant step in terms of health and environment by successfully developing lead free silver and aluminium pastes for solar cell metallisation.

Lead free materials developed by the Consortium perform comparably to traditional leaded pastes:
Newly developed lead free Ag paste achieved a Fill Factor of 77.1% and an efficiency of 16.9% on 40W/sq emitter SiNx cells.

The Al paste yields electrical results comparable with reference pastes - Fill Factor of 76.5% and efficiency of 17.1% on 60W/sq emitter SiNx cells but also shows large improvement of the mechanical properties of the deposit: bowing of the 310µm cells decreased by 15%.

Avoiding lead in metallisation pastes is still a challenge. Leaded glasses are known to be most effective in providing excellent contact and adhesion to the silicon wafer in solar cells. However lead is environmentally hazardous and has multiple toxic effects.

Metalor believes in an increasing demand for “green” products also in the field of photovoltaics. As part of its long term strategy focussed on environmentally friendly products and processes Metalor is committed to develop and manufacture lead free silver and aluminium pastes. This approach fits Consortium Partner RSS whose aim is to manufacture lead free products.

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