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Dehydration unit

The dehydrator has been designed to extract the internal humidity of the system CAC.
The operation is the following one: the humid air that comes from the CAC, crosses a sensor of humidity and it is taken to the entrance of the compressor through the electro-valve and of a filter of air.

The air that leaves the compressor is taken to a homogenizator of pressure with the purpose of transforming the intermittent flow into continuous flow, it crosses a first filter of salts endowed with element heater, next it crosses a second filter of salts, where it finishes retaining the humidity and raisin through a valve of on-pressure and of the electro-valve to the CAC.

When the salts have absorbed a lot of humidity, a process of regeneration of the same ones begins.This process is carried out activating the two electro valves to commute the circuits of air and feeding the electro heator of the first filter of salts.

The operation takes place in the following way:
The compressor takes ambient air (through a filter) of the interior of the box. This air crosses the two filters of salt, but in this case, the salts of the first filter are hot, so the humidity of the salts is transferred to the flow of air that also crosses the second filter heating and absorbing the humidity. The electro-valve throws the air out to the exterior by means of a long tube to avoid the feedback to the entrance of air of the box.

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