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Build up of the aluminium heat-sink and module frame

A matrix for aluminium extrusion has been built for the heat-sink element of the CAC module. The material used for the heat-sink is Al97Mg3.

After different tests and designs, in the final heat-sink design, 12 additional aluminium sheets with 0.65 mm thickness were attached in the back of the heat-sink. The aluminium sheets were attached using screws ans grease KP30 for the interface between aluminium pieces. This grease improved 51.9% the thermal transfer between the aluminium pieces according to the tests realised.

The KP 30 Thermal Grease is a ceramic filled single-component silicone with high thermal conductivity. The uncured heat conducting paste does not dry out. Special storage is not necessary and can therefore be stored under normal climates for up to 12 months. Any appearance of settling of the filling material must be intensively mixed before KP 30 is used.

The whole heat-sink design provided the appropriate thermal resistance for the concentration module, where its performance at different wind speeds has also been tested and resistance calculated.

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