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Mirror and glass selection and evaluation

This task has been carried out using a variety of resources. These included solar libraries, web search engines, solar industry catalogues and directories, personal contacts, glass and mirror industry sources, discussion groups, and a wealth of other investigative resources.

The election of glass has been carried out considering the transmittance of the glass for the PV cell spectral response. The best results have been obtained for the Saint Gobain glass SGG DIAMANT float-glass with a transmittance greater than 91% for 4-5 mm thickness (ideal for the CAC prototype).

Different Anti Reflective (AR) coatings have been tested for finding the best results. The best AR coating found improves 2.5% the transmittance of the glass window for the Si spectral response. The AR coating has also shown stable results for the IEC 61215 standard.

Different reflective materials have been selected according to its properties. High reflectance and flexible films are ideal for this purpose. The best material found is the 3M SA-85 solar film. The SA-85 is aluminium vapour coated on 2-mil polyester film with an outdoor weatering acrylic coating over the aluminium. Unfortunately, 3M revealed that 3M would no longer be manufacturing this material and once the current supply in the field runs out, none would be available in the future.

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